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 Eagle's view Humanist primary school is a rural based school serving three villages-:kaiira,Muwangi and Namwenda.The is school is located in Kaiira village, Buwenge subcounty, Jinja district.
The school is run by two Humanist directors (Muwanguzi Rogers and Isabirye Brian)
Many children in rural areas have little opportunity to get education.Eagle's view came up as a solution to mitigate the above problem.
We aim to develop self confident students who care for each other and their local communities,the school encourages students to be open minded and questioning
The school is inclusive, non political,we emphasize science"critical thinking" to enable our students to respect evidence and appreciate the need for shared human values.We teach children to have an inquiry mind and learn to think for themselves
We teach the Uganda national primary curriculum, offering mathematics,science, English and social studies.Optional subjects are Humanism, agricultural, music,dance and drama.We are secular and embrace humanist values.
Majority of our parents are single parents who mainly do subsistence farming for survival.

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